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About India Herbs:

India Herbs is owned by Affluent Trade Management, Inc. – a U.S. Corporation which is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because it meets all BBBOnLine Participation and BBB membership standards.

India Herbs has been manufacturing and distributing Ayurvedic Herbal Supplements since 2001.  With offices in the United States, India, and Singapore, the staff is well positioned to support customers worldwide in an unparalleled manner with:

  • Safe, effective, well researched and tested formulations backed by 110% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Quality production standards in accordance with U.S. FDA regulations.
  • Prompt fulfillment of orders.
  • Monthly progress follow-ups by phone and email.
  • Free Ayurveda Doctor Consultations and Guidance.


India Herbs – Research & Development:

India Herbs’ proprietary formulations are based on extensive research of modern clinical studies and ancient Ayurvedic texts and consultations with our board of Ayurvedic doctors who have over 100 years of clinical experience in a diverse range of health issues.


To ensure product safety, the botanicals used in the supplements must be deemed safe for consumption by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in BOTH the United States and India.  In addition, herbal extracts are used from reputable suppliers-not raw herbs. Besides offering greater potency of active constituents, the processes used to produce extracts remove impurities found in raw plants. The quality of all extracts supplied to India Herbs is certified by SGS – the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

India Herbs – Product Guarantee:

Ayurvedic Medicine relies on the power of naturally occurring botanicals to bring about positive changes in the body without causing harmful side effects.  The effects you experience will be more gradual than those produced by Western Medicine.  The benefits you gain will be longer lasting and will address the source of disharmony in your body – not just symptoms.

India Herb’s research indicates that while Ayurvedic Medicine does produce positive results in the short-term, it typically takes about 4 months for most benefits to be realized.

India Herbs invites you to try any of their herbal supplements for a period of 4 months (120 days) or more.  If you are not satisfied with the benefits you experience after the 4 month trial, simply return the empty and unused bottles / boxes within 130 days from receiving your order (120 day trial + 10 days for return shipping).  And India Herbs will refund you 110% of the product purchase price.  No questions will be asked.


Products of India Herbs:

Following are some of India Herbs products which may be useful to you:

IndiaHerbs Products



arthmenderArthmender is a natural supplement geared towards reducing joint inflammation, promoting healing, and engendering long-term joint health. It will:

  • Reduce Inflammation and Pain.

  • Remove Toxins & Free Radicals.

  • Counteract Autoimmunity.

  • Accelerate Tissue Repair.

  • Support Bone & Muscle Strength.

  • Improve Joint Suppleness.

ayurgoldAyurGold is a natural Supplement geared towards optimizing the management of your blood chemistry. It will:

  • Correct Imbalances from Stress.

  • Optimize Your Lipid Profile.

  • Realign Hormonal Production.

  • Fortify Your Body's Functions.

  • Improve Your Overall Health.

ayurstateAyurstate is a natural supplement geared towards optimizing and managing your overall prostate health. It will:

  • Strengthen Your Urine Flow.

  • Decrease Urinary Frequency.

  • Minimize Nocturnal Urination.

  • Stop Urinary Incontinence.

  • Improve Your Ejaculation.

  • Alleviate Pain & Discomfort.

AyurtoxAyurtox is a natural supplement geared towards detoxifying your body and
enriching your overall health. It will:

  • Remove Toxins and Body Waste.

  • Revitalize Your Excretory System.

  • Rejuvenate Internal Processes.

  • Elevate Your Energy Levels.

  • Decrease Allergic Reactions.

  • Improve Your Overall Health.

  • Improve Your Overall Health.

cardiofyCardiofy is a natural supplement geared towards optimizing and managing your overall cardiovascular health. It will:

  • Regulate Serum Lipids.

  • Strengthen Your Heart and Arteries.

  • Improve Your Blood Circulation.

  • Raise Your Good Cholesterol.

  • Lower Your Bad Cholesterol

ClariMind is a natural supplement geared towards optimizing your memory and concentration by rejuvenating brain chemistry, countering stress, and impeding neural deterioration. It will:

  • Increase Your Acetylcholine Levels.

  • Supply Monoterpene Hydrocarbons.

  • Elevate Melatonin Production.

  • Regulate Growth Hormone Surges.

  • Thwart Cortisol and Prostaglandin.

  • Combat Radicals and Neurotoxins.

cosmicjoy Cosmic Joy is a natural supplement geared towards making you feel and think better. It will:

  • Soothe your Nervous System.

  • Restore Proper Brain Function.

  • Prevent Mental Deterioration.

  • Detoxify your Body and Mind.

  • Restore Natural Energy Flow.

  • Engender Positive Emotions.

immuniceImmunice is a natural supplement formulated to strengthen your Immune System. It will:

  • Boost your Immunity.

  • Minimize Illness & Allergies.

  • Engender Quick Recovery.

  • Combat Radicals and Toxins.

  • Suppress Cell Mutation.

  • Reduce Damage from Aging.

kamarajaKama Raja yields a range of benefits on men. These are especially mentioned below:

  • Increases sexual pleasure.

  • Makes it possible for men to trigger off solid erections necessary for sexual intercourse.

  • Helps men achieve powerful orgasms.

  • Enables men to control ejaculation.

  • Energizes sexual activity

  • Enhances stamina and strength

  • Boosts the reproductive system of the body

kamaraniKama Rani is a natural supplement geared towards optimizing women's total sexual health, libido, and pleasure. It will:

  • Elevate your Desire for Sex.

  • Heighten your Excitement.

  • Rejuvenate your Vagina.

  • Sensitize your Clitoris.

  • Engender Proper Lubrication.

  • Help you Fully Plateau.

  • Help you Achieve Orgasm

kamayogaThe Kama Yoga DVD is a 20 minute yoga routine which when performed daily will:

  • Rejuvenate Your Body.

  • Strengthen Your Reproductive System.

  • Energize Your Sex Chakra.

  • Harden & Prolong Your Erections.

  • Improve Your Ejaculation Control.

  • Intensify Your Orgasms.

kamayogiThe 63-page Kama Yogi e-Book with 165 color photographs offers a set of ancient spiritual practices geared towards the attainment of sexual vigor, improved vitality, and increased libido. It will help you:

  • Intensify Your Orgasms.

  • Elevate Your Sex Drive.

  • Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure.

  • Harden & Prolong Your Erections.

  • Acquire Flexibility for Lovemaking.

  • Satisfy Desires & Be Fulfilled
mystic_sleepMystic Sleep is a natural supplement which promotes restorative sleep by calming the mind and repairing damage from prolonged sleep deprivation. It will:

  • Increase Production of Melatonin.

  • Reduce Your Cortisol Levels.

  • Regulate Growth Hormone Surges.

  • Relieve Mental Fatigue & Anxiety.

  • Induce Deep and Restful Sleep.

radiancioRadiancio is a natural supplement geared towards optimizing the condition of your skin, hair, and nails while strengthening your body and overall well-being. It will:

  • Rejuvenate your Appearance.

  • Improve Nutrient Transport.

  • Detoxify your Body.

  • Combat Free Radical Damage.

  • Reestablish Hormonal Harmony.

  • Restore Immune System Function.

  • Thwart Hair Loss & Skin Problems.


Rudraksha beads are available with 1 to 38 facets. Beads with 1 and 15 to 38 facets are rare. The 5 facet bead is commonly available and thus the most popular due to its effectiveness and economical cost. Yogis wear necklaces called malas (Sanskrit for garland) which typically consist of 108 five facet Rudraksha beads and a larger "meru" bead. The tassled "meru" bead is symbolic of the transcended state, and indicates the beginning and end of a cycle. Malas consist of 108 Rudraksha beads because according to Vedic literature, Brahmand (the universe) is made up of 108 %lements.

sherpa_strengthSherpa Strength is a natural supplement geared towards enhancing your musculoskeletal system. It will:

  • Increase your Core Energy.

  • Improve Blood Circulation.

  • Promote Lean Muscle Growth.

  • Prevent Muscle Breakdown.

  • Strengthen your Bones.

  • Support Muscle Recuperation.

sukrajaSukraja is a natural supplement geared towards optimizing men's semen volume, sperm count, and sexual response. It will:

  • Increase Your Semen Volume.

  • Boost Your Sperm Count.

  • Engender Youthful Sexual Response.

  • Extend Your Sexual Stamina.

  • Strengthen Your Ejaculation.

  • Intensify Your Orgasms.

Yogic-SlimYogic Slim is a natural supplement geared towards the attainment of permanent weight loss, improved vitality,kand optimal health. It will help you:

  • Master Your Eating Habits.

  • Regulate Your Appetite.

  • Optimize Your Nutrient Absorption.

  • Increase Your Metabolism and Energy.

  • Reduce Your Fat and Cholesterol.

  • Lose Weight Permanently.

youthariaYoutharia is a natural supplement formulated to rejuvenate your entire biological system, impede the aging process, and promote longevity. It will:

  • Improve Cardiovascular Health.

  • Strengthen your Immunity.

  • Prevent Organ Deterioration.

  • Support Body Detoxification.

  • Elevate Metabolic Processes.

  • Improve Healing Capability.

  • Suppress Abnormal Cell Growth.